TEA            MILK            COFFEE            SNACKS
Traditional Chai

Our Special blend of chai spice boiled with milk and freshly pounded ginger for that sweet and spicy taste we all love!

Indian Masala Chai

Cinnamon, cloves, ginger powder and a mix of seven other spices, ground to give you a cup of tea that will awaken your soul and make it dance.

Elaichi Chai

Cardamom flavoured special tea, boiled to perfect precision to get the distinct aroma and sweet flavours for a delicious mid morning cuppa.

Ginger and Pudina

Minty fresh with a spicy kick - the ginger pudina tea is the perfect concoction of pounded fresh ginger root and mint leaves with our special chai masala. Too tired to work - drink up and reboot your system.

Sugar Free Chai

One for the health conscious or diabetic ones - this one comes with all the spices minus the sugar. We add Sugar Free for those who want it and serve it plain for those who do not want any sweetner.

Cinnamon Chai

A whole stick of cinnamon, specially sourced from the choicest of spice markets to make your tea smell like a dream. Our Cinnamon chai is sweet, spicy and heavenly.


Our special pounded kava with crushed ground almonds, kesar and oodles of flavour to refresh you.

Black Tea

For those who like fuss-free beverages! Also, we suggest you a dash of lemon to your black tea to intensify its flavour.

Green Tea

The fitness lover's favourite drink - our flavoursome green tea is all you need to clean your system, inside out!

Darjeeling Tea

The world's favourite Indian tea, brewed just right with some boiled water. Add a dash of lime for comfort.

Healthy Tea

For those who haven't got used to the taste of green tea, we serve this with some lemon and lots of honey.

Lemon Iced Tea

Deliciously tangy with the freshness of lemon, infused with our homemade green tea liqueur, a great option for the non-tea drinkers and the health conscious.

Ginger and Lime Iced Tea

Soothe your throat on a hot day with a sip of this icy cool tea mixed with the goodness of ginger and lime.

Blueberry Rose Mint Iced Tea

A burst of flavours, a unique combo and an unusual mix - this one's for the adventurous foodies only!

Orange Iced Tea

Forget Orange juice - try this green tea infused icy fresh drink with the sweetness of orange.

Strawberry Iced Tea

A pop of colour and happiness in every sip - our strawberry iced tea is special strawberry slush mixed with tea liqueur.

Kokum Pudina Iced Tea

Go back to your Indian roots with our green tea liqueur mixed with the sourness of kokum and freshness of pudina.

Peach Ice Tea
Honey Lime Ice Tea
Mint Ice Tea
Fruit Punch

Pack a punch with this delicious mixed fruit drink to reinvigorate a boring afternoon.

Lemon Ginger

Fresh Made lemonade with the ayurvedic goodness and the spicy zing of ginger.