TEA            MILK            COFFEE            SNACKS

This Gujarati staple tastes amazing with a hot cup of ginger tea - made with the best quality ingredients and spices. Our patrons swear by our theplas and even buy packets of them to send to their relatives abroad. These come with a 3 month shelf life too!


The quintessential Indian breakfast, we have a special masala mix that makes our Poha taste so awesome. With the goodness of veggies and puffed rice, this is a winner.


One of the most special items on our menu - handvo is a spicy, savoury lentil cake made fresh with our ground batter and grated bottle gourd. Lightly spiced, it makes for the perfect tea time cake.


This South Indian staple makes for a protein packed breakfast for anyone and goes amazingly well with chai. And for that extra healthy kick, we serve our Poha with a generous helping of veggies.

Maska Bun

Another chai time favourite, this Irani combo of a soft, sweetish, butter laden bread dunked in hot chai is stunning!

Khapoli Vada

A few Kilometers outside of Bombay lies Khapoli, where the Maharashtrian batawada originated. We serve you this spicy and tangy potato fritters, freshly made from their original recipe.


Fried triangles of happiness - most school and college canteen memories start and end at a cup of chai and a plate of piping hot crispy samosas.

French Fries

The all time favourite snack tastes even better with chai - try it to believe it.

Veggie Fingers

Another deep fried delicacy with the goodness of veggies, breaded and served with ketchup - you cannot stop at one.

Cheese Garlic Bread

Soft roundels of bite sized bread, specially made for you, baked to golden buttery perfection, spiced with garlic and laden with melting cheese - a heavenly combo.

Bread Butter

for those who want to play it safe!

Mexican Cheese Sandwich

Our best offering - a homemade Mexican sauce mixed with veggies and cheese and served grilled, topped with cheese.

Tandoori Paneer Sandwich

Bits of paneer slathered in our in-house tandoori sauce, mixed with veggies and stuffed between two slices hot, grilled bread.

Veg Sandwich

Chutneys, veggies, butter and cheese between bread - just cannot go wrong!

Cheese Sandwich

The evergreen snacky staple with oodles of cheese!

Coleslaw Sandwich

The continental favourite, made with julienned crisp vegetables and lots of mayo.

Aloo Mutter Sandwich
Veg Puff

Flaky layered puff pastry stuffed with a spicy mix of veggies, made fresh everyday and served hot with a cup of steaming chai.

Chinese Puff

For the noodle lovers out there - this is yet another canteen favourite, stuffed with delicious hakka noodles encased in a delicate layer of pastry.

Mexican Puff

Our Special inhouse Mexican sauce mixed with veggies and stuffed inside soft crispy layers of puff pastry, topped with some grated cheese.

Cheese Puff

Flakey Pastry and Melting cheese - never can go wrong with this combo.

Mazedar Masala

Maggi Masala Noodles, made just right!

Mirch Masala

A little mirch and a whole lot of masala for those who like it a little spicy!


Crisp Biscuit Bhakris, like you've never had before. Eat them with a nice helping of pickle or with some tea for a great evening snack.


Crispy, crunchy and flavourful these spicy delicacies go great with any beverage! Available in garlic, masala and methi flavours.


Specially made, inhouse crumbly cookies available in oatmeal, chocolate, sugar free and cashew flavours.

Cream Roll

Again a specialty preparation made fresh everyday for us, these creamy pastries are available in chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and pineapple flavours.